Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And just like that......

it was over. A beautiful wedding on a clear day in the Catskills, surrounded by family and friends, a vision of joy and the happiest day of my life. A week of bliss, a gift of every moment spent beside my new husband. Playing absentmindedly with the ring on my finger while staring at this man who now calls me his wife. Sigh.

Then the stiff slap of Monday morning came, I packed my bags grudgingly and came back into the city to go back to alone life/see him once a week life, but somehow it all seems different now. It's only for four months until we move to Paris, but it just seems like an eternity. I just married the best man in the universe and I can't come home to him yet.

Now I sit at my desk absentmindedly playing with my ring, and dreaming of a field in the Catskills. Double sigh.