Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Some people move to Paris, take up smoking and learn how to cook amazing meals. I, on the other hand, moved to Paris, quit smoking and promptly became the worst cook on the face of the planet. This is what I accidentally made for breakfast today.

It's supposed to be toast.

Yes, just another day in my delicious kitchen adding yet another dish to my ever growing list of fiery disasters. I'm getting really tired of the mad dash to the kitchen window to let the smoke out but whatever. I never said I was a good housewife. Time to find out where the Chinese take-out is.


Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

That is some dark toast. Nothing butter and a stiff drink can't cover up.

kirsten said...

18 more days Jersey Girl - 18 more days and the universe will grant you the sweet relief of time on US Soil and all of the bad food, bad habits, and bad english you can get!

Michael said... least some things never change. kitchen hijinx. =)