Friday, December 05, 2008


I've been in New York for the past few weeks doing the music for two film scores and shoving my face full of bagels, pizza and Mexican food. I heart U Brooklyn. Every time I come back here, my Parisian reality fades into the background as I understand everything people say, I catch up with good friends and I eat myself across the borough.

But I do miss Paris.
I'll be back in a week, retarded as ever.....



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Anonymous said...

O Kungfu Dana, Kungfu Dana wherefore art thou Kungfu Dana?

No witty banter, no trenchant thoughts. Blimey, the silence is deafening and I’ve gone potty.

Help! We the great unwashed are experiencing withdrawal syndrome. Wobbling and stumbling, teetering and tottering as we plod along at home or at work with nary a word from you.

We promise to keep faith and await your return with bated breath.

With tongue firmly in cheek
Your fan from Singapore