Friday, July 31, 2009


I am playing a gig with two California singers tonight.
Basically, hot USA chicks night in France. ;)
If you are in Paris, come by and say hi to both coasts!

Vous voulez venir.
Je veux que vous venez.
Vraiment, franchement, clairement, tellement, en fait, en effet........

Dana Boulé + Kacey Johansing + Vera Gough
vendredi 31 juillet (that means today)
20h00 (je joue premiere partie)
Le Vieux Léon
18, rue de La Grande Truanderie 75001
Entrée libre (that means freeeeeeee)


leonora said...

et à ça, je dis "merde."
another reason to love the french language - one word allows me to convey precisely my two emotions. good luck. and shit. wish i was in paris to see it.

margaret said...

Hey, so how did the 7/31 show go? I'm coming to Paris in November for a week. I hope you'll be playing in town then, cuz I'd love to see the Dana Boulé experience "sur scene".