Friday, January 08, 2010


Band camp in Paris reopened yesterday with the arrival of Matt, my bandmate from Brooklyn and the other half of The Sobs, our folk-punk duo. I love hosting band camp. It's become clear to me that my dream life is to have a music venue of my own in Paris where musicians can stay over and where I can throw parties all the time.
The Musician Madame.
I'm dreaming it.
I will be it.

It's no secret that most musicians are crackheads. While in NY the last time, I gave Matt some new white t-shirts to print up some Sobs shirts to sell here. As I was ironing them before our show last night, I pulled out the following pit stained gem....

"What's this?"
" of the shirts you gave me got messed up so I replaced it with one of my own."
"And you actually think we could sell this dirty, wadded up old-ass shirt of yours that smells like B.O.?"
"I dunno."

Ladies? Any takers? Real live pit stained shirt from a real live touring musician. Highest bidder can own this beauty.

We're off tomorrow for three concerts in Brussels with our dear friend Erica Buettner. Band camp goes on the road to the land of the Belgian waffles and Belgian beer! We'll be back in Paris for another concert 14 janvier.

All aboard campers! Use your buddy system.... :)

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Daniel said...

That sounds cool! Were in Brussels is your band going to be playing?