Friday, September 17, 2010


Today was one of those perfect Parisian September days and as I have been stuck indoors for the most part since April either sick and knocked up or sick, knocked up and recording an album, I set out on a wander to remind myself that yes, there is still life outside your apartment......

Ohhhhh Paris....sitting in the park pondering your pretty face, I lose the disgust I have had for you these past few weeks that you are an unfriendly and unloving city. I'm just cranky because my best friend just moved away and I'm too knocked up to run fast right now or hit stuff or have dance parties and margaritas. But sometimes you DO make me feel a bit like THIS....

I wandered around and got caught behind a pack of 17 year old French boys. All smoking. All snickering. All cocky. All wearing the exact same jeans. And all under 5'7. This is my future, I realized, as I am going to have a French boy as a son in two months. Wait, how did THAT happen? Is he gonna smoke and complain about everything in a thick French accent? Maybe by then, I'll actually understand the language..... favorite English school has a new affront to my senses up in the metro..."A new language! A new job!" As what? A serial killer whose signature is to lick the flag onto his victims? Seriously. Couldn't they have found a model who doesn't have bloodshot wandering dead eyes?

And last but not least, the award of the day for most unfortunate clothing store name goes to.....Teenflo, who, by the way, sell business casual, not maxipads and zit cream.


Karin (an alien parisienne) said...


YIKES. Bwah hah hah!! Ohhhh, the names that the Frenchies come up with for things and places do crack me up sometimes. Thanks for capturing this one.

I popped over here again from Lisa Taylor Huff's blogroll, and just wanted to say that I really needed the giggles this morning, and you gave them to me with this post. Thank you. :)

Luk said...

Actually, half of that company is Canadian so I guess one of my compatriotes is to

Did you know that they will be changing the name of the company soon to "Judith and Charles"? BORING! Now what would we have to blog about then???

Take it easy :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Great photos, too - and good luck with the French boy thing.

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