Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I live very close to Passage Brady, a quaint passage of Indian restaurants that I've been meaning to try. After Savate class recently, I announced I was going to meet a friend at Passage Brady to have lunch. The local students asked me in unison if I liked to eat rats. At first I thought I misunderstood the translation. "Uh....rats? You mean Nan? I like Nan." But no, they informed me that if I was a lover of rats, I would REALLY REALLY LOVE Passage Brady. I decided to forego the lunch there and instead check it out later myself. That night I happen to pass by it after the restaurants were all closed and there, through the gates, I saw my personal version of hell. Rats, rats, and more rats. Young, old, little baby rats and giant gargantuan monster rats. I seemed to have interrupted their relay race from one restaurant to another. One big rat fiesta. All that was missing was the pinata.
I almost barfed.
Then I cried.
Then I ran home.
Thanks for terrorizing me, Rat Alley.


Dara said...

I felt the same way whilst watching Ratatouille with my 4 and 5 year old daughters.

David said...

Apparently we're neighbors.

And I don't want to freak you out, but rats are everywhere in Paris (as they are in pretty much every city in the world). If they come out in the open in Passage Brady, it's because the place is especially dark at night after the restaurants close, but they're there, in every street, except than in the other ones, they're hiding wherever they can.

zenrain said...

oh no, i think we must have had indian food in that passage on our trip to paris in march... we were staying at the mercure ronceray, i think across the street.... yikes!!