Thursday, June 19, 2008


"So...what exactly do you DO all day?" is a question I am frequently asked.

This is what I do. I spend my days gorging on cheese and sucking down canned Rosé and Chardonnay from juice boxes on sunny days in Jardin du Luxembourg.

Sometimes I have lots of powerful internal revelations.
Like....I can BEEEEE somebody.
Or...That cloud is AMAAAZING.
And...I LOOOOVE juice.

Yeah yeah, I took a day away from my press lists and contact spreadsheets to live up the Barbie Dream Life Musician Vacation Fantasy.

Then I went home and ate a whole chicken.

It ruled.


Samantha said...

Ah, so you're the reason I had to explain to the kid I was watching why there was a crazy lady passed out in the park across the street! lol

Petite_Mannequin said...

Or how about those mini wine bottles with the screw cap? Is it legal to drink on the street here? still haven't figured that one out...

jessica said...

yeahhhhhhhhh the parc!!!

kirsten said...

we loved being the Skippers to your Barbie. Playing catchup on the blog reading now. :)