Monday, September 15, 2008


I love flyers and I love talking to people. I especially heart giving people I just met a flyer. Little nuggets of art with some concert info on it. FB made me these awesome flyers and I have been enjoying the surprised looks on peoples' faces as I pull out my Grandma ziplock plastic baggie out of my purse and hand them a flyer for my show this Saturday. I should have some cheese bites in there too and offer a snack with that.

Unlike New York, Paris is not overrun with people flyering. I used to stand outside of shows in New York with my punk band (Stupid) and pass out flyers, homemade stickers, buttons and sampler CDs. There would usually be a bunch of other bands doing the exact same thing. It seems that culture has been moved to mostly online flyering and marketing now. Nothing beats the face to face interaction though. I can myspace people all day but I much prefer going out, introducing myself and having an actual conversation. Especially when I am trying to speak French. I gotta talk with the hands!
So here's my online flyer.
I'll be around the clubs all week though, talking with the hands and passing out more flyers. :)


Michelle said...

Personally I am far more likely to take notice of a real flyer handed to me, especially if there's been some human interaction. If I am looking at it on the fridge or pinned up next to the computer I might even actually go out and see the band/artist.

Flyer looks great btw. Maybe one day I'll be there at the right time to see your show in Paris.

KFD said...

Yes, come to Paris! Sounds like your French is awesome. I'm staying in school this time. It's actually teaching me French. Imagine that!

Michelle said...

I am hoping to come to Paris early next year for a few weeks, maybe a month to do French there. That would be cool.

My French is far from awesome. In my head I am f-ing brilliant, but once my mouth opens. . .

Hopefully it will be better by the time I get back there. I'm doing three hours next term instead of 1.5. That's got to help. I'm glad you are making progress now you are back in school.

Amy said...

I still love the flyer (flier) (depends on the kind of club you are handing it out in I suppose) AND I think it's the best flyer EVER. But I just noticed what it actually said:
Wait just a cottin' pickin' minute -
UR on i-tunes?
2 Ligit to quit?

David said...

Damn girl, will you ever play one night when I'm actually available?