Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm in my last season of firsts.
My last first fall in Paris. It will be 9 months ago tomorrow that I left New York. I love September morns here. If it could just always stay like this forevs.....the sun, the warm afternoons, the slight chill in the air at night but only enough to make a hot toddy that much better. I know the drear is around the corner but in the meantime, Neil Diamond has been rocking my world. I highly recommend walking along the Seine and fake crying to this song nonstop ad nauseum.


rion said...


GinaMarie said...

You are so damn funny! Oh but I agree...Paris in the fall is better than a Laduree macaron. I'm moving to Paris (if all goes well in January), so I'll let you relive your firsts through me...since I've lived some of yours through you. know what I mean.

Michelle said...

LOL- Funny and informative. Now I know what to expect in Paris in September if I'm lucky enough to come for a few months next year.

Adrianne's Blog said... continuous camera shot I've seen in a long while! Never cease to amaze, KFD! xo-A

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Rachel Mulcrone said...

Hilarious! You'll be a great mom!