Tuesday, January 20, 2009


A friend sent me a live clip from my smash hit/standing room only/reduced the crowd to tears but brought them back with peals of laughter/three encores/four people fainted/medics/fireworks stage show the other night.

The clip is my butchered French intro to what recently became my "George Bush" song titled "The Monster". Originally written about corporate America and performed with my former band Stupid, it has since become my homage to George Bush and is my instant crowd pleaser song here in Paris. I dedicated it to Mr. Bush for the last time at a show last night and it made me a little sad. But it's ok, I can just go back to railing on corporations. As the video clip my friend sent of the show cut off right after the intro, I thought I would add the original recording of the song. But I couldn't figure out how to just post an audio file, so I got all fired up and decided to make what could best be described as WORST MUSIC VIDEO EVER MADE BY ATTEMPTING TO GET POLITICAL WHILE MAKING OBVIOUS STATEMENTS AND ASSOCIATIONS USING SHITTY INTERNET PICTURES AND CHEAP GRAPHIC TRICKS WITH IMOVIE.

But the song is there. :)

Au revoir, George Bush. Bonjour, Barack Obama. I may be in Paris but I can feel the hope and excitement from here on this historic day. Cautiously optimistic......

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BJ Lantz said...

Watchin' history on TV this minute, Dana. And yes, we're all cautiously optimistic :-)