Sunday, January 18, 2009


The feature film I just scored premiered this weekend at Slamdance Film Festival. It is called Drool and stars Laura Harring from Mulholland Drive (you know, the hot brunette who makes out with Naomi Watts).

I am really happy how the score came together and had a hectic yet amazing time recording over a month with my New York posse.....

Jeff Byrd - engineer extraordinaire and my partner in crime.

Matt Bixby
I went to his studio twice where he proceeded to do what he does best....ideas. "Matt, play me something like, plucky, not loud, not too sad but a little tense".
I walked away with 36 tracks. He will never ever play the same thing twice which means my engineering skills had to be on "A game" cause if I didn't get it the first time...well, just forget it.

Benjamin Hoyumpa I know he's a little young but hey....(this is actually Parker Hoyumpa, son of best drummer ever, Ben. The one with the camera). He knocked out 9 songs in 3 hours. It ruled.

Liam Carey I was so happy to work with Liam again who added his beautiful voice, guitar playing and amazing harmonic ear to several songs.

Chern Hwei Fung
Came up with five part harmonies off the top of his head in single takes. Seriously.

I love finishing projects....

Merci mon posse. I'll be back for the next one....

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Kandyd said...

The score on Drool really lifted the film and gave it a consistent tone. I (John, the producer) am very very happy with Dana's work. And he thanks her, or you, if you're the one reading this, Dana.