Thursday, March 05, 2009


(photo by KDunk)

My first French review of my album came out this week. I couldn't understand the whole thing so I typed the text into and what followed is now officially my favorite review of my music of all time.
(Note: I am now officially changing my name from Dana Boulé to Rolled Dana, The American One.)

"Landed to Paris by love of a French, Rolled Dana comes us from Brooklyn. To enter into the album of the American one, all clean in appearance, is to open a positive can of Pandore - therefore the whole opposite of the original can - that is not miserly some surprised, in pleasure, in fantasy, in life all simply. To the first level of reading, we find therefore a wise songwriter, well as it is necessary behind his piano and his classical formation. In opening, Go Away, elevated of ropes, would resemble itself a pop one in played laces under the boudoir boudoirs. But distrust we of the water that sleeps and the usage that done Dana of an accordion (following the example of Dawn Moors) could put us the flea to the ear: the American one leads a debauched life itself, confronts itself to more popular pleasures, surrounded by about ten musicians (with section copper) as one could do it in eastern Europe (Unforgiven). The music remains nevertheless by American gasoline but there is this same exuberance that comes gladly to hit to the door. The music of Rolled Dana is full of life, sometimes as expressive as a number of cabaret or of circus or a spectacle of Broadway (Right Place, Wrong Time). Even truly centered titles around the piano indicate a passion that asks only a thing: to exult. Natural girl of Tori Amos or of Kate Bush on the échevelé I Don't Mind (that will recall also the fleeting Suddenly Tammy), the piece is a beautiful musical rescript of the formula "storm under a crane"; it is also intoxicating as a quick turn on an old carousel. The lunar Sorry stresses the impression of a singer that puts all sound heart in his interpretation and the épanchement of its feelings, without being nevertheless clumsy or bombastic. Rolled Dana plays the tightrope walker with talent."

Yeah. Can it get any better than that? HELL NO, says the American One who leads a debauched life and walks a tightrope with talent (as opposed to the talentless/dead tightrope walker).

Opening a positive can of Pandore might be my favorite thing to say EVER so of course, I have worked it into conversations wherever and whenever possible. It makes me think of Tinkerbell dressed in rainbow spam or glittery sardines jumping out of a can and forming a chorus line.




Michelle said...

LOL- Rolled Dana, you rock!

Oh, and for the record, distrust we of the water that sleeps, too.

Congratulations on the review (I think).

Anonymous said...

Good !

Karen said...

i'll take two rolled dana's one positve pandora's box, steamed, and one fried. YUM.

Natalina said...

LOLOLOL, I cannot stop laughing at this! Care to elaborate on that debauched life itself you're leading there?

Exulting, I am...

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