Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is a rock opera ode to homesickness written in two hours shortly after my arrival in France. It took a year for my friends to convince me to post it.
In the spirit of spreading the good word that everyone can, in fact, have magic giant balls of glory, I present to you Magical Unicorn Ninjas At Night, a rock opera in 6:36.

Text written in 14 minutes of inspired greatness by Corey Tatarczuk, my partner in comic crime.


Lacifur said...

That was so full of beauty!!!

I love your blog and now read it all the time.

Thanks for your greatness - it IS great!

Bronwyn said...

So superb! Unicorns and coffee will get me through today. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well, that is possibly the most awesome (in a good way) thing i have seen in a while. I don't know why it has not gone viral yet! Possibly you need to add more babies and puppies and men getting hit in the crotch.

You clearly DO HAVE big, magical balls, Dana. Thank you for sharing this with the world. The only downside is: you will never be elected President of the United States, if that was ever your dream. This will be exerpted like Dean's Scream(tm) by the media. Sorry, darling.

I, however, remain a devoted fan,

Karen said...

that never gets old.
i can't believe how well barbara walters and anderson cooper harmonize together? who knew?
its the children's chorus that carries them, probably...or the angels?
anyway, it's about time you let the world know how great is greatness.
love karen

JaguarKid said...

Naomi White said...

Best Rock Opera Ever!!! I loved it! Are you still selling t-shirts?