Friday, March 26, 2010


I knew that Erica and I were real friends the moment she came over and gave me a pair of her jeans that didn't fit her.
Clothes trade = automatic BFF
It was further sealed the night I got a giant care package from the states and we pored over US Weekly and InTouch Magazines together while eating peanut butter sandwiches with bags of Cheetos washed down with giant glasses of milk.
Guilty pleasures are way more fun when shared.

Now we have a folk band together called The Resident Cards and we throw a fantastically fun monthly party and bake cookies.
If you're in Paris, come say hi.
And have a chocolate chip cookie.

(photos by Elena Usacheva)


Anonymous said...

Mmm. Cheetos. So jealous.

(Awesome about the gig, too!)

Shannon said...

Where?? When?? I need a good cookie fix!

Pianente said...

Come on...It's May already. Write something new....I miss you. :)

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone?