Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am smiling ear to ear because last night I booked my first show in Paris for Sunday, July 13th. Yes, I will be ringing in Bastille Day with a solo show at my favorite bar and most delicious restaurant, Le Delly's. In addition to serving the best cous cous on the planet and having the best music playlist ever, they have live music twice a week. Last night I gave the owner one of my CDs and asked if I could play there sometime. He looked surprised, looked at the CD, thought for a minute and asked me what my plans were for July 13th.
I said "I'm playing here."

After that, FB helped translate all the details for me. At the very end of the conversation, I could tell it was about money. After they shook hands and the owner left, I asked FB what he said to him.
FB: "Oh, he said they would pay you something at the end of the night. I told him you weren't too concerned about that."
ME: "You said I am not too concerned."
FB: "Yeah."
ME: "He offered me money and you said I was not too concerned."
FB: "Yeah, why?"
ME: "OK, let me break something down for you real quick. If someone, ANYONE offers me money, never EVER even THINK ABOUT telling that person that I am not too concerned with being paid. I AM concerned with that. DEEPLY concerned. Always, most definitely, irrevocably, indefinitely, ABSOLUTELY concerned. Crystal clear?"
FB: "Oh. Ok. Sorry."
ME: "You'd really make a great band manager."

NOTE TO SELF: Must learn French WAY WAY faster.

Sunday, July 13th
8PM, free show
Le Delly's
with Liam Carey


Ella Veen said...

Oh my,
Since I stumbled over “Ce que tu dis II” on the net I´ve been drafting a sort of fan letter in my head. It was originally designated to express what an utter enjoyment your blog is but turned out to be an incoherent babble filled with awkward compliments (from the “I read your blog from start to finish” to “OMG, you´re soooo funny!”) that ensured that any further contact would have fallen prey to embarrassement on both sides. Imagine my relief when I learned that you´ve decided to play your first show on the EXACT DAY that I´m about to arrive in Paris. The girl in the corner, nervously sipping her glass of wine while trying to be "one of the crowd", that´ll be me. Be sure to bring your album, I want one ....

KFD said...

Awwwwwww, thanks for the compliment! I'll see you Sunday! :)