Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Yesterday I recorded the last song on my album on the very same piano that P.J. Harvey recorded her whole last album White Chalk on (her producer's studio is in the same complex here at Kilburn Studios). Of course, my first reaction when told this was "well DUH, we are SO BFF". When I meet her I will breezily say..."yeeeeah, I TOTES recorded my last album on that piano TOO" or "Hey PJ, remember that time at that studio where we used the same piano to record our albums on? Remember that time? Remember?" or "Oh my god, we're like, the SAAAAAMMMMMMME!" or "Wow, your last album sounds SO MUCH like the piano I used on MY ALBUM..you know, the one I recorded in NEW YORK and LONDON. Did I mention I live in PARIS?"

Seriously, P.J. Come off it. I have brown hair and frown a lot too.
You KNOW we're BFF.

xo Dana Christine

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kristen said...

OMG i would die. you are so lucky. can i touch your hands when i see you next???????

i'm so excited to hear the album. i'm freaking out. please send me a copy or i will cry.