Monday, March 31, 2008


This is Byrd. Jeff Byrd but most people call him Byrd. He produced my album with me and we've been having a blast in London listening to each song come alive, one by one. This album has been in the works for almost two years now and hearing our hard work mixed into one big beautiful album brings tears to my eyes.
Byrd rules.

This is Chicky. Charles Reeves but a lot of people call him Chicky. He is the reason we came to London, to work in his studio. Chicky is a true master of sound and I would trust no one else to mix and master my songs. His ears are golden and he is taking each song to a completely new level.
Chicky rules.

I wrote this album but these two creative forces are making it come to life.
Work with talented people.
Especially with Chicky and Byrd if you're an air sign like me. :)


Jimmy Legs said...

aww, Stupid reunion!

KFD said...

it's true...Ben and Matt and Byrd are all over this album!

kristen said...

yay byrd!