Friday, March 28, 2008


Woke up at 5:15AM this morning to catch a 6:40AM train to London where I am mixing and mastering my album for the next two weeks (YAY). I am an ALWAYS on time person. It disturbs me DEEPLY to arrive anywhere less than 15 minutes early. I usually average 30-45 minutes early because I probably have some big issue I never dealt with somewhere in my past but I like to think that I just don't like rushing. Yesterday, I had even gone to the trouble of picking up my ticket from the station early and going to scope out where the gate would be.

With this in mind, it was especially perplexing to me that I left myself exactly 26 minutes this morning to drag two giant bags and a 40 lb. accordion on my back into the subway, take the metro to the train station, go through immigration, fill out customs form, push and cut to the front of the line and then RUN to the train while shouting "OH NOOOO!!!!WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" as the departure bell rang. Sweating profusely and gasping for air, I practically hugged the steward as I literally fell onto the train. "OH MY GOD (pant pant)....OH MY GOD....MERCI MERCI MERCI"

As I loudly tripped over a passenger's foot and huffed and puffed my way into my seat, I saw the others on the train staring at a mess, visibly heaving, pained expression. Oh my god, I'm THAT GIRL. The one I always think is SO DUMB. The one I always say to in my mind "if only you had gotten up 30 minutes earlier...YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF, STUPID".

It's nice to see how the other team plays but I'll happily take my anal retentiveness over cardiac arrest any day. I did this to MYSELF. Next time I'm totally getting up at 4AM.

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