Saturday, March 01, 2008


This is what I want. This. As a ski outfit. WHY DOES THIS NOT EXIST?? It is 2008. There is NO WAY that technology has not come up with this. As a ski outfit. For me.
There is no suitable ski outfit in New York City. I know this because I have been to every ski store, sports store, whoever the hell sells skiing clothes store in the ENTIRE city. And there was not one thing I would ever even CONSIDER throwing myself down a mountain in.
Not one.
So I stepped up my game.
I ordered some online to deliver on Monday. A friend sent me a link to a couple of snowboarding jumpsuits that are closer to what I want. I mean, they are still way too padded and everything but I ordered two sizes and two colors to see which looks cuter with a sparkly gold belt.
I guess I have to get a ski hat and gloves and lip gloss and whatever special socks or whatever things you have to wear under your ski outfit. Gave up on the light up goggles. Could wear a headlight but that'd just be lame. I feel this coming together...I got my nails done today and everything.

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