Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This is by far the most dramatic example of a public safety image I have ever seen. In addition to the universal lightning bolt sign, it includes the addition of the dramatically bent over backwards victim, head arched to the sky as if to say "MON DIEUX, why oh WHY hast thou forsaken me?" Be warned, my friend. If you touch this box, YOU WILL BE STRUCK DOWN BY GOD IN HEAVEN and this is EXACTLY how you are going to DIE. So get that Shakespearean speech out and do it with FEELING this time!

I found it yesterday on the train station platform as we waited for our train back to Paris. I found it particularly appropriate as we had just come from FB's parents house where, yet again, I attempted to set something on fire. How was I supposed to know that the U.S.A. 8-plug super-sized extra wide power strip would not be magically converted by the tiny adaptor I had but instead would make a large hissing sound, followed by a loud pop, a small flame and then permanently shoot the lights out of my in-laws living room? They happened to be in the living room while my dual attempt at self-electrocution/familial arson occurred. I managed to mutter a quiet "oh shiiiiiit" as they rushed over to inspect the damage. My remedial French could only muster a "I am sorry for fire. I don't know. I am sorry. Fire so bad."

Fortunately, they didn't care so much about the lighting situation or my "Chaka hungry" explanation and after opening a door to let the smoke smell out, the incident was left alone. I am grateful to have such understanding in-laws and as we left, I looked them in the eye very seriously and let them know in earnest..."A promise. The fire. The light. It is last time. I no make the fire in the light."

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