Friday, March 07, 2008


There's nothing like a good police raid of your apartment to take whatever little sense of belonging you have and throw it out the window. And did I mention it was in French and I did not understand one single word? Fun times yesterday morning, fun times. More on that later.....(and we're fine, I'm just psychologically traumatized and my paranoia has reached disproportionate levels and I've developed an eye twitch and night terrors but whatever, it's all cool).

Hmmmmmm.....I'd say it's the perfect time to get out of town and THROW MYSELF DOWN A MOUNTAIN! Today we leave for Les Alps and YES, I found an outfit.
Tragically, it is not inappropriately tight.
Ironically, it has fake leather patches and looks like a police uniform.
(Hmmmm it seems I was psychically tuned in when I purchased it last week).

I'll be busy patrolling the slopes for the next week, video camera in hand but with no internet connect. Be back soon. And by the way, never answer your door.


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Jimmy Legs said...

ack! i need closure on that anecdote! wtf?