Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have been in Paris for four weeks now. No, I haven't suddenly become the most amazing cook ever BUT I did manage to find and order EVERYTHING in the above picture by myself which FB proceeded to transform into a MOST amazing ratatouille. There is an open market down the street from me and any cliché notion that the "French hate Americans" is completely gone for me because shopping at that market feels like I'm in a Sesame Street episode. The fish man gives me a hearty smile "BONJOUR MADAME!" and helps me find what I need, I pass by the butcher and his wife who both smile "BONJOUR!", onto the olive man who greets me with a boisterous "AHHH MADAME!", teaches me how to say "sans noyeau" correctly and then asks me questions about New York. I breeze past the vegetable stand and the young guy who recognized me the last time smile and waves as I walk by "BONJOUR" then onto my favorite cheese ladies who both chuckle as I lose my fear of sounding stupid and go for it. "Brie de Meaux est mon favorite. Cette semaine je commence ma clase de francais. Bientot je vais la et je parle avec vous en francais TRES RAPIDE!" LAUGHTER ALL AROUND. OHHH ISN'T LIFE GRAAAAAND!!

As I wave goodbye and bounce off with my bags in hand and a zip in my step, I feel I should break into song but think that might be pushing it too far. I might run the risk of becoming "that nut job from New York who had us all fooled." I think I'll wait until next month to bust out the tap shoes.


kirsten said...

Ahhhh to be young, in love, and in Paris.

Next time you feel overwhelmed by a pang of homesicknesses go out to the market and greet your neighborhood friends.

As they greet you picture me: On line at the Shop Rite in Springfield NJ waiting impatiently behind the overweight woman (with teased hair sipping on a diet soda) who hands 42 coupons to the acne scarred cashier. There is no "Bonjour" spoken. There is not even a "Merci de votre grosse dame d'affaires aujourd'hui avec des bons" Instead we are greeted only by the yell of the cashier as she rolls her eyes and sighs and screeches "KEY!!!!" to the manager.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahhh. Although your post previous to this was titled, "The Sun (with balls)!, The Sun (with/out)!" I think this post could also be named as such. Full of hope this one.

I have found these to be some of the most heartening and hilarious readings.

I will now bust into my own song..."that's what friends are for..." and go to my cold corporate food chain to buy sealtest milk from no one in particular and not be daunted at all.

jessica said...

you should be that person who preps the food for food photographs. seriously. that or a professional personal shopper?