Sunday, January 20, 2008


"I'm sorry, are you talking to ME? I can't tell because I'm wearing my giant sunglasses indoors as it's SOOOO tedious to look at the riff raff and can't you tell by my world-weary sneer that I just can't be bothered right now? I am TIRED and 1st class is FULL so you have NO IDEA how I feel right now so just GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, OK???"

Had one of those "whose life is this?" moments today as I bought my plane ticket to NYC to finish recording my album next month. Booked the studio time to mix/master it in London in March/April, then back to Paris to launch in May.
I have to say sometimes it is REALLY, REALLY hard to be the international jetsetter I have suddenly become.
Especially when you fly coach and only have one outfit.
No worries......I'll survive.....I suppose.


kirsten said...

Plane ticket? New York? I know you have tons of places to stay - but if you ever wanted to spend a few nights in Jersey - we'd love to have you. Otherwise maybe some night in between sessions you'd let a boring suburban mom come in to the city and dine with the international recording star?

KFD said...
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KFD said...

I don't knooooooow...something about "jetsetter" and "Jersey" just doesn't FIT...maybe I can have Sven helicopter me out for lunch at TGIF or Bennigan's. ;)

kristen said...

can't wait to see you