Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was walking down the street yesterday thinking about the weather yet again and wondering why I spend an inordinate amount of time here pondering clouds vs. sunshine, cold vs. semi-cold, jacket types/warmth factors, blah blah BLAH when there are MUCH more useful things I could be doing with my thoughts like....oh I don't know, maybe learning FRENCH for example??? A song from one of my various bands I am in kept running through my head as it's titled "Weather Song" so I decided to cut together a music video for it last night. The Sobs are me and my musical other half a.k.a. Matt. Matt can write a song with me in five minutes and we used to play and record all the time together in my little apartment in Brooklyn. We once scored a movie in one night.

The footage is from my trip to Paris last summer and makes me dream of sunshine.
I think I'm starting to fall for this city....we've totally been dating for like, a MONTH. That's like, forEVS.


kirsten said...

crap dana.

Investing in decent video camera: $800
NYU Film School tuition: $160,000
2007 Interest on Student Loan Debt: $3000
8 credits for film/editing course: $8,000
Having your friend film one of the coolest music videos you've ever seen capturing the mood of exquisite music and melding hipster brooklyn and a european flair (ALL ON A WHIM!) and making you never want to attempt to pick up another camera????: PRICELESS.

Kara said...

Hi Dawn,
2 things:
1) Please refresh what FB stands for for those of who missed, like, the one post where you explained it.
2) This comment does not relate to this post specifically but also you should know that us "gals" at the office read your blog all the time, its a kick in the pants.

KFD said...

OK FB stands for French Boy and is my thinly veiled attempt at shielding his true identity as requested but considering I have now plastered his face on my blog in a pair of horse riding pants, I guess it's pretty much pointless. And when the following song drops later this year, he may really be done for. :)

Kevin Patrick Gannon said...

this is absolutely wonderful.